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Tesseract 4 OCR Compilation - Docker Container

This Github repository contains scripts and definition of Docker container that helps to compile Tesseract 4.

Automated build Docker image: docker pull tesseractshadow/tesseract4cmp

Tesseract 4 OCR Runtime Environment - Docker Container

If you are looking for ready to use Teserract 4 Runtime Environment container (and don’t want to compile it) please take look at this Github repository. The repository also contains some examples of usage.

Automated build Docker image: docker pull tesseractshadow/tesseract4re.

Tesseract 4 OCR with OpenCV Environment - Docker Container

Automate build Docker Image: [docker pull mylamour/tesseract-ocr:opencv]

Building for Android with Docker

This Github repository contains Docker images for Tesseract 4.0 and earlier.

Docker - Get Started

If you are not familiar with Docker please read Docker - Get Started.