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BlnEventHandler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BlnEventHandler:

Public Member Functions

void Notify (const SVEvent *sv_event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SVEventHandler
virtual ~SVEventHandler ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file pgedit.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void BlnEventHandler::Notify ( const SVEvent sv_event)

Reimplemented from SVEventHandler.

Definition at line 159 of file pgedit.cpp.

159  {
160  if (sv_event->type == SVET_DESTROY)
162  else if (sv_event->type == SVET_CLICK)
163  show_point(current_page_res, sv_event->x, sv_event->y);
164  }
PAGE_RES * current_page_res
Definition: pgedit.cpp:128
int y
Definition: scrollview.h:67
ScrollView * bln_word_window
Definition: pgedit.cpp:114
SVEventType type
Definition: scrollview.h:64
void show_point(PAGE_RES *page_res, float x, float y)
Definition: pgedit.cpp:655
#define NULL
Definition: host.h:144
int x
Definition: scrollview.h:66

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