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tesseract::BlobGrid Class Reference

#include <blobgrid.h>

Inheritance diagram for tesseract::BlobGrid:
tesseract::BBGrid< BLOBNBOX, BLOBNBOX_CLIST, BLOBNBOX_C_IT > tesseract::GridBase tesseract::AlignedBlob tesseract::CCNonTextDetect tesseract::StrokeWidth tesseract::TabFind tesseract::ColumnFinder

Public Member Functions

 BlobGrid (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~BlobGrid ()
void InsertBlobList (BLOBNBOX_LIST *blobs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tesseract::BBGrid< BLOBNBOX, BLOBNBOX_CLIST, BLOBNBOX_C_IT >
 BBGrid ()
 BBGrid (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~BBGrid ()
void Init (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
void Clear ()
void ClearGridData (void(*free_method)(BLOBNBOX *))
void InsertBBox (bool h_spread, bool v_spread, BLOBNBOX *bbox)
void InsertPixPtBBox (int left, int bottom, Pix *pix, BLOBNBOX *bbox)
void RemoveBBox (BLOBNBOX *bbox)
bool RectangleEmpty (const TBOX &rect)
IntGridCountCellElements ()
ScrollViewMakeWindow (int x, int y, const char *window_name)
void DisplayBoxes (ScrollView *window)
void AssertNoDuplicates ()
virtual void HandleClick (int x, int y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tesseract::GridBase
 GridBase ()
 GridBase (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~GridBase ()
void Init (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
int gridsize () const
int gridwidth () const
int gridheight () const
const ICOORDbleft () const
const ICOORDtright () const
void GridCoords (int x, int y, int *grid_x, int *grid_y) const
void ClipGridCoords (int *x, int *y) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from tesseract::BBGrid< BLOBNBOX, BLOBNBOX_CLIST, BLOBNBOX_C_IT >
- Protected Attributes inherited from tesseract::GridBase
int gridsize_
int gridwidth_
int gridheight_
int gridbuckets_
ICOORD bleft_
ICOORD tright_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file blobgrid.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tesseract::BlobGrid::BlobGrid ( int  gridsize,
const ICOORD bleft,
const ICOORD tright 

Definition at line 24 of file blobgrid.cpp.

25  : BBGrid<BLOBNBOX, BLOBNBOX_CLIST, BLOBNBOX_C_IT>(gridsize, bleft, tright) {
26 }
int gridsize() const
Definition: bbgrid.h:63
const ICOORD & bleft() const
Definition: bbgrid.h:72
const ICOORD & tright() const
Definition: bbgrid.h:75
tesseract::BlobGrid::~BlobGrid ( )

Definition at line 28 of file blobgrid.cpp.

28  {
29 }

Member Function Documentation

void tesseract::BlobGrid::InsertBlobList ( BLOBNBOX_LIST *  blobs)

Definition at line 34 of file blobgrid.cpp.

34  {
35  BLOBNBOX_IT blob_it(blobs);
36  for (blob_it.mark_cycle_pt(); !blob_it.cycled_list(); blob_it.forward()) {
37  BLOBNBOX* blob =;
38  if (!blob->joined_to_prev())
39  InsertBBox(true, true, blob);
40  }
41 }
bool joined_to_prev() const
Definition: blobbox.h:241
void InsertBBox(bool h_spread, bool v_spread, BLOBNBOX *bbox)

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