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tesseract::BlockGroup Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 BlockGroup ()
 BlockGroup (BLOCK *block)

Public Attributes

TBOX bounding_box
FCOORD rotation
float angle
float min_xheight
GenericVector< BLOCK * > blocks

Detailed Description

Definition at line 713 of file tordmain.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tesseract::BlockGroup::BlockGroup ( )

Definition at line 714 of file tordmain.cpp.

714 : rotation(1.0f, 0.0f), angle(0.0f), min_xheight(1.0f) {}
tesseract::BlockGroup::BlockGroup ( BLOCK block)

Definition at line 715 of file tordmain.cpp.

716  : bounding_box(block->bounding_box()),
717  rotation(block->re_rotation()),
718  angle(block->re_rotation().angle()),
719  min_xheight(block->x_height()) {
720  blocks.push_back(block);
721  }
int push_back(T object)
GenericVector< BLOCK * > blocks
Definition: tordmain.cpp:731
float angle() const
find angle
Definition: points.h:249
inT32 x_height() const
return xheight
Definition: ocrblock.h:110
FCOORD re_rotation() const
Definition: ocrblock.h:138
void bounding_box(ICOORD &bottom_left, ICOORD &top_right) const
get box
Definition: pdblock.h:67

Member Data Documentation

float tesseract::BlockGroup::angle

Definition at line 727 of file tordmain.cpp.

GenericVector<BLOCK*> tesseract::BlockGroup::blocks

Definition at line 731 of file tordmain.cpp.

TBOX tesseract::BlockGroup::bounding_box

Definition at line 723 of file tordmain.cpp.

float tesseract::BlockGroup::min_xheight

Definition at line 729 of file tordmain.cpp.

FCOORD tesseract::BlockGroup::rotation

Definition at line 725 of file tordmain.cpp.

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