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KDNODE Struct Reference

#include <kdtree.h>

Public Attributes

void * Data
FLOAT32 BranchPoint
FLOAT32 LeftBranch
FLOAT32 RightBranch
struct KDNODELeft
struct KDNODERight

Detailed Description

NOTE: All circular parameters of all keys must be in the range

Min <= Param < Max

where Min and Max are specified in the KeyDesc parameter passed to MakeKDTree. All KD routines assume that this is true and will not operate correctly if circular parameters outside the specified range are used.

Definition at line 39 of file kdtree.h.

Member Data Documentation

FLOAT32 KDNODE::BranchPoint

needed to make deletes work efficiently

Definition at line 42 of file kdtree.h.

void* KDNODE::Data

data that corresponds to key

Definition at line 41 of file kdtree.h.


search key

Definition at line 40 of file kdtree.h.

struct KDNODE* KDNODE::Left

ptrs for KD tree structure

Definition at line 45 of file kdtree.h.

FLOAT32 KDNODE::LeftBranch

used to optimize search pruning

Definition at line 43 of file kdtree.h.

struct KDNODE* KDNODE::Right

Definition at line 46 of file kdtree.h.

FLOAT32 KDNODE::RightBranch

used to optimize search pruning

Definition at line 44 of file kdtree.h.

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