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tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo Struct Reference

#include <lm_state.h>

Public Member Functions

 LanguageModelNgramInfo (const char *c, int l, bool p, float nc, float ncc)

Public Attributes

STRING context
int context_unichar_step_len
bool pruned
float ngram_cost
 -ln(P_ngram_model(path)) More...
float ngram_and_classifier_cost
 -[ ln(P_classifier(path)) + scale_factor * ln(P_ngram_model(path)) ] More...

Detailed Description

Struct for storing additional information used by Ngram language model component.

Definition at line 74 of file lm_state.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo::LanguageModelNgramInfo ( const char *  c,
int  l,
bool  p,
float  nc,
float  ncc 

Definition at line 75 of file lm_state.h.

float ngram_and_classifier_cost
-[ ln(P_classifier(path)) + scale_factor * ln(P_ngram_model(path)) ]
Definition: lm_state.h:90
float ngram_cost
Definition: lm_state.h:88

Member Data Documentation

STRING tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo::context

Definition at line 78 of file lm_state.h.

int tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo::context_unichar_step_len

Length of the context measured by advancing using UNICHAR::utf8_step() (should be at most the order of the character ngram model used).

Definition at line 81 of file lm_state.h.

float tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo::ngram_and_classifier_cost

-[ ln(P_classifier(path)) + scale_factor * ln(P_ngram_model(path)) ]

Definition at line 90 of file lm_state.h.

float tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo::ngram_cost


Definition at line 88 of file lm_state.h.

bool tesseract::LanguageModelNgramInfo::pruned

The paths with pruned set are pruned out from the perspective of the character ngram model. They are explored further because they represent a dictionary match or a top choice. Thus ngram_info is still computed for them in order to calculate the combined cost.

Definition at line 86 of file lm_state.h.

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