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tesseract::RowInfo Class Reference

#include <paragraphs.h>

Public Attributes

bool ltr
bool has_leaders
bool has_drop_cap
int pix_ldistance
int pix_rdistance
float pix_xheight
int average_interword_space
int num_words
TBOX lword_box
TBOX rword_box
STRING lword_text
STRING rword_text
bool lword_indicates_list_item
bool lword_likely_starts_idea
bool lword_likely_ends_idea
bool rword_indicates_list_item
bool rword_likely_starts_idea
bool rword_likely_ends_idea

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file paragraphs.h.

Member Data Documentation

int tesseract::RowInfo::average_interword_space

Definition at line 52 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::has_drop_cap

Definition at line 48 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::has_leaders

Definition at line 47 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::ltr

Definition at line 44 of file paragraphs.h.

TBOX tesseract::RowInfo::lword_box

Definition at line 55 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::lword_indicates_list_item

Definition at line 71 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::lword_likely_ends_idea

Definition at line 73 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::lword_likely_starts_idea

Definition at line 72 of file paragraphs.h.

STRING tesseract::RowInfo::lword_text

Definition at line 58 of file paragraphs.h.

int tesseract::RowInfo::num_words

Definition at line 54 of file paragraphs.h.

int tesseract::RowInfo::pix_ldistance

Definition at line 49 of file paragraphs.h.

int tesseract::RowInfo::pix_rdistance

Definition at line 50 of file paragraphs.h.

float tesseract::RowInfo::pix_xheight

Definition at line 51 of file paragraphs.h.

TBOX tesseract::RowInfo::rword_box

Definition at line 56 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::rword_indicates_list_item

Definition at line 75 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::rword_likely_ends_idea

Definition at line 77 of file paragraphs.h.

bool tesseract::RowInfo::rword_likely_starts_idea

Definition at line 76 of file paragraphs.h.

STRING tesseract::RowInfo::rword_text

Definition at line 59 of file paragraphs.h.

STRING tesseract::RowInfo::text

Definition at line 43 of file paragraphs.h.

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