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tesseract::TesseractStats Struct Reference

#include <tesseractclass.h>

Public Member Functions

 TesseractStats ()

Public Attributes

inT32 adaption_word_number
inT16 doc_blob_quality
inT16 doc_outline_errs
inT16 doc_char_quality
inT16 good_char_count
inT16 doc_good_char_quality
inT32 word_count
inT32 dict_words
STRING dump_words_str
bool tilde_crunch_written
bool last_char_was_newline
bool last_char_was_tilde
bool write_results_empty_block

Detailed Description

Definition at line 112 of file tesseractclass.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tesseract::TesseractStats::TesseractStats ( )

Definition at line 113 of file tesseractclass.h.

115  doc_blob_quality(0),
116  doc_outline_errs(0),
117  doc_char_quality(0),
118  good_char_count(0),
120  word_count(0),
121  dict_words(0),
122  tilde_crunch_written(false),
123  last_char_was_newline(true),
124  last_char_was_tilde(false),

Member Data Documentation

inT32 tesseract::TesseractStats::adaption_word_number

Definition at line 127 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT32 tesseract::TesseractStats::dict_words

Definition at line 134 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT16 tesseract::TesseractStats::doc_blob_quality

Definition at line 128 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT16 tesseract::TesseractStats::doc_char_quality

Definition at line 130 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT16 tesseract::TesseractStats::doc_good_char_quality

Definition at line 132 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT16 tesseract::TesseractStats::doc_outline_errs

Definition at line 129 of file tesseractclass.h.

STRING tesseract::TesseractStats::dump_words_str

Definition at line 135 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT16 tesseract::TesseractStats::good_char_count

Definition at line 131 of file tesseractclass.h.

bool tesseract::TesseractStats::last_char_was_newline

Definition at line 138 of file tesseractclass.h.

bool tesseract::TesseractStats::last_char_was_tilde

Definition at line 139 of file tesseractclass.h.

bool tesseract::TesseractStats::tilde_crunch_written

Definition at line 137 of file tesseractclass.h.

inT32 tesseract::TesseractStats::word_count

Definition at line 133 of file tesseractclass.h.

bool tesseract::TesseractStats::write_results_empty_block

Definition at line 140 of file tesseractclass.h.

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