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UnicityTableEqEq< T > Class Template Reference

#include <unicity_table.h>

Inheritance diagram for UnicityTableEqEq< T >:
UnicityTable< T >

Public Member Functions

 UnicityTableEqEq ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnicityTable< T >
 UnicityTable ()
 ~UnicityTable ()
 Clear the structures and deallocate internal structures. More...
void reserve (int size)
int size () const
 Return the size used. More...
const T & get (int id) const
 Return the object from an id. More...
T * get_mutable (int id)
int get_id (T object) const
bool contains (T object) const
 Return true if T is in the table. More...
contains_id (int id) const
 Return true if the id is valid. More...
int push_back (T object)
 Add an element in the table. More...
void set_clear_callback (TessCallback1< T > *cb)
void set_compare_callback (TessResultCallback2< bool, T const &, T const & > *cb)
void clear ()
void move (UnicityTable< T > *from)
bool write (FILE *f, TessResultCallback2< bool, FILE *, T const & > *cb) const
bool read (FILE *f, TessResultCallback3< bool, FILE *, T *, bool > *cb, bool swap)
 swap is used to switch the endianness. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class UnicityTableEqEq< T >

Definition at line 99 of file unicity_table.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T>
UnicityTableEqEq< T >::UnicityTableEqEq ( )

Definition at line 101 of file unicity_table.h.

101  {
103  NewPermanentTessCallback(tesseract::cmp_eq<T>));
104  }
void set_compare_callback(TessResultCallback2< bool, T const &, T const & > *cb)
_ConstTessMemberResultCallback_0_0< false, R, T1 >::base * NewPermanentTessCallback(const T1 *obj, R(T2::*member)() const)
Definition: tesscallback.h:116

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