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docqual.cpp File Reference
#include <ctype.h>
#include "docqual.h"
#include "reject.h"
#include "tesscallback.h"
#include "tessvars.h"
#include "globals.h"
#include "tesseractclass.h"

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struct  tesseract::DocQualCallbacks




void reject_whole_page (PAGE_RES_IT &page_res_it)

Function Documentation

void reject_whole_page ( PAGE_RES_IT page_res_it)

Definition at line 410 of file docqual.cpp.

410  {
411  page_res_it.restart_page ();
412  while (page_res_it.word () != NULL) {
413  page_res_it.word ()->reject_map.rej_word_doc_rej ();
414  page_res_it.forward ();
415  }
416  //whole page is rejected
417  page_res_it.page_res->rejected = TRUE;
418 }
REJMAP reject_map
Definition: pageres.h:271
PAGE_RES * page_res
Definition: pageres.h:658
BOOL8 rejected
Definition: pageres.h:63
WERD_RES * forward()
Definition: pageres.h:713
WERD_RES * restart_page()
Definition: pageres.h:680
#define TRUE
Definition: capi.h:28
#define NULL
Definition: host.h:144
void rej_word_doc_rej()
Definition: rejctmap.cpp:497
WERD_RES * word() const
Definition: pageres.h:733