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equationdetect.cpp File Reference
#include <float.h>
#include "equationdetect.h"
#include "bbgrid.h"
#include "classify.h"
#include "colpartition.h"
#include "colpartitiongrid.h"
#include "colpartitionset.h"
#include "helpers.h"
#include "ratngs.h"
#include "tesseractclass.h"

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bool tesseract::IsTextOrEquationType (PolyBlockType type)
bool tesseract::IsLeftIndented (const EquationDetect::IndentType type)
bool tesseract::IsRightIndented (const EquationDetect::IndentType type)


bool equationdetect_save_bi_image = false
bool equationdetect_save_spt_image = false
bool equationdetect_save_seed_image = false
bool equationdetect_save_merged_image = false
const float tesseract::kMathDigitDensityTh1 = 0.25
const float tesseract::kMathDigitDensityTh2 = 0.1
const float tesseract::kMathItalicDensityTh = 0.5
const float tesseract::kUnclearDensityTh = 0.25
const int tesseract::kSeedBlobsCountTh = 10
const int tesseract::kLeftIndentAlignmentCountTh = 1

Variable Documentation

bool equationdetect_save_bi_image = false

"Save input bi image"

Definition at line 48 of file equationdetect.cpp.

bool equationdetect_save_merged_image = false

"Save the merged image"

Definition at line 51 of file equationdetect.cpp.

bool equationdetect_save_seed_image = false

"Save the seed image"

Definition at line 50 of file equationdetect.cpp.

bool equationdetect_save_spt_image = false

"Save special character image"

Definition at line 49 of file equationdetect.cpp.