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blamer.cpp File Reference
#include "blamer.h"
#include "blobs.h"
#include "matrix.h"
#include "normalis.h"
#include "pageres.h"

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const char kBlameCorrect [] = "corr"
const char kBlameClassifier [] = "cl"
const char kBlameChopper [] = "chop"
const char kBlameClassLMTradeoff [] = "cl/LM"
const char kBlamePageLayout [] = "pglt"
const char kBlameSegsearchHeur [] = "ss_heur"
const char kBlameSegsearchPP [] = "ss_pp"
const char kBlameClassOldLMTradeoff [] = "cl/old_LM"
const char kBlameAdaption [] = "adapt"
const char kBlameNoTruthSplit [] = "no_tr_spl"
const char kBlameNoTruth [] = "no_tr"
const char kBlameUnknown [] = "unkn"
const char *const kIncorrectResultReasonNames []

Variable Documentation

const char kBlameAdaption[] = "adapt"

Definition at line 36 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameChopper[] = "chop"

Definition at line 30 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameClassifier[] = "cl"

Definition at line 29 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameClassLMTradeoff[] = "cl/LM"

Definition at line 31 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameClassOldLMTradeoff[] = "cl/old_LM"

Definition at line 35 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameCorrect[] = "corr"

Definition at line 28 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameNoTruth[] = "no_tr"

Definition at line 38 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameNoTruthSplit[] = "no_tr_spl"

Definition at line 37 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlamePageLayout[] = "pglt"

Definition at line 32 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameSegsearchHeur[] = "ss_heur"

Definition at line 33 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameSegsearchPP[] = "ss_pp"

Definition at line 34 of file blamer.cpp.

const char kBlameUnknown[] = "unkn"

Definition at line 39 of file blamer.cpp.

const char* const kIncorrectResultReasonNames[]
Initial value:
= {
const char kBlameClassifier[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:29
const char kBlameSegsearchPP[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:34
const char kBlameClassOldLMTradeoff[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:35
const char kBlameChopper[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:30
const char kBlameClassLMTradeoff[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:31
const char kBlameCorrect[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:28
const char kBlameNoTruth[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:38
const char kBlameSegsearchHeur[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:33
const char kBlameUnknown[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:39
const char kBlamePageLayout[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:32
const char kBlameNoTruthSplit[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:37
const char kBlameAdaption[]
Definition: blamer.cpp:36

Definition at line 41 of file blamer.cpp.