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gap_map.h File Reference
#include "blobbox.h"

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class  GAPMAP


bool gapmap_debug = FALSE
bool gapmap_use_ends = FALSE
bool gapmap_no_isolated_quanta = FALSE
double gapmap_big_gaps = 1.75

Variable Documentation

double gapmap_big_gaps = 1.75

"xht multiplier"

Definition at line 10 of file gap_map.cpp.

bool gapmap_debug = FALSE

"Say which blocks have tables"

Definition at line 5 of file gap_map.cpp.

bool gapmap_no_isolated_quanta = FALSE

"Ensure gaps not less than 2quanta wide"

Definition at line 9 of file gap_map.cpp.

bool gapmap_use_ends = FALSE

"Use large space at start and end of rows"

Definition at line 7 of file gap_map.cpp.