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linefind.cpp File Reference
#include "linefind.h"
#include "alignedblob.h"
#include "tabvector.h"
#include "blobbox.h"
#include "edgblob.h"
#include "openclwrapper.h"
#include "allheaders.h"

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const int tesseract::kThinLineFraction = 20
 Denominator of resolution makes max pixel width to allow thin lines. More...
const int tesseract::kMinLineLengthFraction = 4
 Denominator of resolution makes min pixels to demand line lengths to be. More...
const int tesseract::kCrackSpacing = 100
 Spacing of cracks across the page to break up tall vertical lines. More...
const int tesseract::kLineFindGridSize = 50
 Grid size used by line finder. Not very critical. More...
const int tesseract::kMinThickLineWidth = 12
const int tesseract::kMaxLineResidue = 6
const double tesseract::kThickLengthMultiple = 0.75
const double tesseract::kMaxNonLineDensity = 0.25
const double tesseract::kMaxStaveHeight = 1.0
const double tesseract::kMinMusicPixelFraction = 0.75