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1 /**********************************************************************
2  * File: tovars.cpp (Formerly to_vars.c)
3  * Description: Variables used by textord.
4  * Author: Ray Smith
5  * Created: Tue Aug 24 16:55:02 BST 1993
6  *
7  * (C) Copyright 1993, Hewlett-Packard Ltd.
8  ** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
9  ** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
10  ** You may obtain a copy of the License at
11  **
12  ** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
13  ** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
14  ** WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
15  ** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
16  ** limitations under the License.
17  *
18  **********************************************************************/
20 #include "tovars.h"
21 #include "params.h"
23 #define EXTERN
25 EXTERN BOOL_VAR (textord_show_initial_words, FALSE, "Display separate words");
26 EXTERN BOOL_VAR (textord_show_new_words, FALSE, "Display separate words");
28 "Display forced fixed pitch words");
29 EXTERN BOOL_VAR (textord_blocksall_fixed, FALSE, "Moan about prop blocks");
31 "Moan about fixed pitch blocks");
32 EXTERN BOOL_VAR (textord_blocksall_testing, FALSE, "Dump stats when moaning");
33 EXTERN BOOL_VAR (textord_test_mode, FALSE, "Do current test");
35 "Max pixel gap for broken pixed pitch");
36 EXTERN INT_VAR (textord_debug_block, 0, "Block to do debug on");
37 EXTERN INT_VAR (textord_pitch_range, 2, "Max range test on pitch");
39 "Smoothing gap stats");
41 "Smoothing width stats");
43 "Ile of blob widths for space est");
44 EXTERN double_VAR (textord_words_maxspace, 4.0, "Multiple of xheight");
46 "Max believable third space");
48 "Fraction of xheight");
49 EXTERN double_VAR (textord_words_min_minspace, 0.3, "Fraction of xheight");
51 "Fraction of xheight");
53 "Max inital cluster size");
55 "Min initial cluster spacing");
57 "Fraction of valid gaps needed");
59 "Pitch sync threshold");
61 "Threshold for definite fixed");
63 "Threshold for definite prop");
65 "Rows required to outvote a veto");
67 "Fraction of xheight for sameness");
69 "Scale scores on big words");
70 EXTERN double_VAR (words_initial_lower, 0.5, "Max inital cluster size");
71 EXTERN double_VAR (words_initial_upper, 0.15, "Min initial cluster spacing");
72 EXTERN double_VAR (words_default_prop_nonspace, 0.25, "Fraction of xheight");
73 EXTERN double_VAR (words_default_fixed_space, 0.75, "Fraction of xheight");
74 EXTERN double_VAR (words_default_fixed_limit, 0.6, "Allowed size variance");
76 "Non-fuzzy spacing region");
78 "Min ratio space/nonspace");
80 "Min ratio space/nonspace");
81 EXTERN double_VAR (textord_fpiqr_ratio, 1.5, "Pitch IQR/Gap IQR threshold");
82 EXTERN double_VAR (textord_max_pitch_iqr, 0.20, "Xh fraction noise in pitch");
83 EXTERN double_VAR (textord_fp_min_width, 0.5, "Min width of decent blobs");
EXTERN double textord_pitch_rowsimilarity
Definition: tovars.cpp:67
EXTERN double textord_words_def_fixed
Definition: tovars.cpp:61
EXTERN double textord_words_definite_spread
Definition: tovars.cpp:76
#define EXTERN
Definition: tovars.cpp:23
EXTERN double words_initial_upper
Definition: tovars.cpp:71
EXTERN double textord_wordstats_smooth_factor
Definition: tovars.cpp:39
EXTERN bool textord_blocksall_testing
Definition: tovars.cpp:32
EXTERN double textord_spacesize_ratiofp
Definition: tovars.cpp:78
#define double_VAR(name, val, comment)
Definition: params.h:286
EXTERN bool textord_pitch_scalebigwords
Definition: tovars.cpp:69
EXTERN double words_default_prop_nonspace
Definition: tovars.cpp:72
EXTERN double textord_words_default_maxspace
Definition: tovars.cpp:46
EXTERN double textord_words_default_minspace
Definition: tovars.cpp:48
EXTERN double textord_words_default_nonspace
Definition: tovars.cpp:51
EXTERN bool textord_test_mode
Definition: tovars.cpp:33
#define BOOL_VAR(name, val, comment)
Definition: params.h:280
EXTERN int textord_pitch_range
Definition: tovars.cpp:37
EXTERN int textord_dotmatrix_gap
Definition: tovars.cpp:35
EXTERN double textord_fpiqr_ratio
Definition: tovars.cpp:81
EXTERN bool textord_blocksall_fixed
Definition: tovars.cpp:29
EXTERN double textord_max_pitch_iqr
Definition: tovars.cpp:82
EXTERN double textord_spacesize_ratioprop
Definition: tovars.cpp:80
EXTERN double textord_words_maxspace
Definition: tovars.cpp:44
EXTERN bool textord_show_new_words
Definition: tovars.cpp:26
EXTERN double textord_width_smooth_factor
Definition: tovars.cpp:41
EXTERN double textord_words_initial_upper
Definition: tovars.cpp:55
EXTERN double textord_fp_min_width
Definition: tovars.cpp:83
EXTERN double textord_words_pitchsd_threshold
Definition: tovars.cpp:59
EXTERN double textord_words_min_minspace
Definition: tovars.cpp:49
EXTERN double textord_words_minlarge
Definition: tovars.cpp:57
#define INT_VAR(name, val, comment)
Definition: params.h:277
EXTERN bool textord_show_initial_words
Definition: tovars.cpp:25
EXTERN bool textord_show_fixed_words
Definition: tovars.cpp:28
#define FALSE
Definition: capi.h:29
EXTERN double words_default_fixed_space
Definition: tovars.cpp:73
EXTERN int textord_words_veto_power
Definition: tovars.cpp:65
EXTERN bool textord_blocksall_prop
Definition: tovars.cpp:31
EXTERN double words_default_fixed_limit
Definition: tovars.cpp:74
EXTERN int textord_debug_block
Definition: tovars.cpp:36
EXTERN double words_initial_lower
Definition: tovars.cpp:70
EXTERN double textord_words_width_ile
Definition: tovars.cpp:43
EXTERN double textord_words_def_prop
Definition: tovars.cpp:63
EXTERN double textord_words_initial_lower
Definition: tovars.cpp:53