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normstrngs.h File Reference
#include "genericvector.h"
#include "strngs.h"

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typedef signed int char32


void tesseract::UTF8ToUTF32 (const char *utf8_str, GenericVector< char32 > *str32)
void tesseract::UTF32ToUTF8 (const GenericVector< char32 > &str32, STRING *utf8_str)
void tesseract::NormalizeChar32 (char32 ch, GenericVector< char32 > *str)
STRING tesseract::NormalizeUTF8String (const char *str8)
char32 tesseract::OCRNormalize (char32 ch)
bool tesseract::IsOCREquivalent (char32 ch1, char32 ch2)
bool tesseract::IsValidCodepoint (const char32 ch)
bool tesseract::IsWhitespace (const char32 ch)
bool tesseract::IsUTF8Whitespace (const char *text)
int tesseract::SpanUTF8Whitespace (const char *text)
int tesseract::SpanUTF8NotWhitespace (const char *text)
bool tesseract::IsInterchangeValid (const char32 ch)
bool tesseract::IsInterchangeValid7BitAscii (const char32 ch)
char32 tesseract::FullwidthToHalfwidth (const char32 ch)

Typedef Documentation

typedef signed int char32

Definition at line 27 of file normstrngs.h.