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drawfx.cpp File Reference
#include "drawfx.h"
#include "normalis.h"
#include "werd.h"

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#define FXDEMOWIN   "FXDemo"
#define FXDEMOXPOS   250
#define FXDEMOYPOS   0
#define FXDEMOXSIZE   600
#define FXDEMOYSIZE   256
#define BLN_MAX   512
#define WERDWIDTH   (BLN_MAX*20)
#define DECENT_WERD_WIDTH   (5*kBlnXHeight)
#define DEBUG_WIN_NAME   "FXDebug"
#define DEBUG_XPOS   0
#define DEBUG_YPOS   120
#define DEBUG_XSIZE   80
#define DEBUG_YSIZE   32
#define YMAX   3508
#define XMAX   2550
#define MAXEDGELENGTH   1024
#define EXTERN


void create_fx_win ()
void clear_fx_win ()
void create_fxdebug_win ()


EXTERN char * fx_debugfile = "FXDebug"
EXTERN ScrollViewfx_win = NULL
EXTERN FILE * fx_debug = NULL

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BLN_MAX   512

Definition at line 34 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define DEBUG_WIN_NAME   "FXDebug"

Definition at line 38 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define DEBUG_XPOS   0

Definition at line 39 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define DEBUG_XSIZE   80

Definition at line 41 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define DEBUG_YPOS   120

Definition at line 40 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define DEBUG_YSIZE   32

Definition at line 42 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define DECENT_WERD_WIDTH   (5*kBlnXHeight)

Definition at line 36 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define EXTERN

Definition at line 47 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define FXDEMOWIN   "FXDemo"

Definition at line 29 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define FXDEMOXPOS   250

Definition at line 30 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define FXDEMOXSIZE   600

Definition at line 32 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define FXDEMOYPOS   0

Definition at line 31 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define FXDEMOYSIZE   256

Definition at line 33 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define MAXEDGELENGTH   1024

Definition at line 45 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define WERDWIDTH   (BLN_MAX*20)

Definition at line 35 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define XMAX   2550

Definition at line 44 of file drawfx.cpp.

#define YMAX   3508

Definition at line 43 of file drawfx.cpp.

Function Documentation

void clear_fx_win ( )

Definition at line 73 of file drawfx.cpp.

73  { //make features win
74  fx_win->Clear();
75  fx_win->Pen(64,64,64);
79 }
const int kBlnXHeight
Definition: normalis.h:28
void Pen(Color color)
Definition: scrollview.cpp:726
void Clear()
Definition: scrollview.cpp:595
const int kBlnBaselineOffset
Definition: normalis.h:29
EXTERN ScrollView * fx_win
Definition: drawfx.cpp:51
Definition: drawfx.cpp:35
void Line(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
Definition: scrollview.cpp:538
void create_fx_win ( )

Definition at line 60 of file drawfx.cpp.

60  { //make features win
63  WERDWIDTH*2, BLN_MAX*2, true);
64 }
#define BLN_MAX
Definition: drawfx.cpp:34
Definition: drawfx.cpp:33
Definition: drawfx.cpp:29
Definition: drawfx.cpp:31
Definition: drawfx.cpp:32
Definition: drawfx.cpp:30
EXTERN ScrollView * fx_win
Definition: drawfx.cpp:51
Definition: drawfx.cpp:35
void create_fxdebug_win ( )

Definition at line 89 of file drawfx.cpp.

89  { //make gradients win
90 }

Variable Documentation

EXTERN FILE* fx_debug = NULL

Definition at line 52 of file drawfx.cpp.

EXTERN char* fx_debugfile = "FXDebug"

"Name of debugfile"

Definition at line 49 of file drawfx.cpp.

EXTERN ScrollView* fx_win = NULL

Definition at line 51 of file drawfx.cpp.