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Tesseract release planning

Here we can plan the next releases of Tesseract.

Future releases

Here are some ideas for future Tesseract releases.


Advanced logging

Requirements (see also discussion):

Log levels:

Related issues:

Useful links:


See the release notes.

See also the discussion for issue #1423.

Open issues which should be fixed

Features wanted for this release

To be discussed

Depending on available resources and opinions, these suggestions will either be added to the planning for the next or a future release or abandoned.

Regression of features from 3.0x

Tesseract 4.0 should be a full replacement for Tesseract 3.05 and have the same features when used with the old OCR engine (--oem 0). The following regressions still need verification (are they really regressions, or are they just missing features for LSTM):

Fixed in 4.1.0

Features from 3.0x which are missing for LSTM

These features still work with the old OCR engine (--oem 0), but are missing and desired for LSTM.

Future release

Here we collect important issues and features for the release(s) following 4.0.0.